Protecting Your Business by Holding Lenders Accountable

We work tirelessly on your behalf to discover whether you’ve been charged too much on your commercial loan or mortgage.

As financial audit specialists, we’re well-positioned to examine your loan and advise you whether you’ve been overpaying.

You only pay if you have been overcharged and want to pursue a claim against your lender.

The go-to auditing experts for commercial loans

A seemingly small change in interest can result in considerable overpayment over a long period. So that’s why we’ve developed our unique process. It allows us to effectively discover whether your provider has been charging you too much.

Secure data management, every step of the way.

Due to the nature of our work, we treat the handling and storage of data extremely seriously. We use an encrypted system, for instance, and regard all your data as confidential, no matter its nature. Your commercial lender is the only party we will discuss your data with. We will only do this with your explicit written permission. Once we’ve finished working together, we’ll destroy our copy of your data and send you a confirmation.

Trust is everything to us.

When engaging a company like ours to examine potentially sensitive data, trust is essential. But, you shouldn’t take any company at its word. That’s why all our engagements begin with a contract. This expressly forbids us from sharing your data without your permission.

How Much Could You Be Owed?

What seems like a small error can end up costing your business a lot of money over the long term. Our no-fee auditing service means that you can discover how much you’re owed. Then you can make a decision on whether you want to pursue a claim or not.


I am a sole trader. Can I use your free auditing service?

Unfortunately not. We only work with Limited companies where debt has been secured against the business.

What criteria does my commercial loan need to meet?

The only criteria is that the debt has yet to be paid off or was paid off no more than six years ago. Statute of Limitations prevents us from pursuing any claim for a loan or mortgage paid off more than six years ago.

What types of commercial lending products do you audit?

We only perform audits on secured commercial loans and mortgages.

Is an up-front payment required?

There are no upfront costs involved. Our model is designed to be zero-risk. That means you only pay if you wish to pursue a claim against your lender. Where an error has occurred, but you don’t wish to pursue it, then our services are completely free. So, if you wish to pursue a claim, our fee will be agreed in advance of the claim being pursued, so you know exactly what amount will be deducted from your claim for our services.

How do you collect your fees?

Upon completion of a successful claim, we will collect our fee in one of the following ways:

  • Where refund is paid directly to us, we will send you the funds, minus our agreed fee.
  • If the refund is paid directly to you, we will invoice you for our agreed fee.
  • Where the refund is used to offset an existing debt you have with the lender, we will invoice you for our agreed fee.

What happens if you find an error in my business’s loan or mortgage?

If an audit uncovers any errors, we will contact you with the value we would pursue from your lender. At this point, you are under no obligation. So, if you choose not to instruct us to pursue the claim, you don’t owe us a penny and we will archive the case and electronically destroy all received documentation.

What happens if there is no error in my business’s loan or mortgage?

If the audit doesn’t establish any errors, then the service is completely free of charge. You can rest assured that your businesses loan or mortgage is being managed appropriately by your lender.

Can I pursue the claim with my lender myself?

We are unable to provide you any details of the audit other than the quantified value of any errors. As our legal team are specialists in the area of financial litigation, we are unable to share the complete findings of your audit. This approach ensures our processes are stringently followed and your claim is handled in line with industry best practice.

How much do you charge if we pursue a claim?

Each claim is different. We will contact you directly to inform you of our fee to pursue a claim in the event our auditing service reveals any errors. You are under no obligation to pursue that claim at this point.

What happens if the claim against my lender is unsuccessful? Do I still have to pay the agreed fee?

No, the fee is only due if we are successful in making a claim against your lender. Our experienced legal team and industry-leading process mean that we have the utmost confidence in a successful claim if you decide to pursue it.

How long will the process take?

Following receipt of the required documents, the audit will take up to 5 working days. If no errors are found, we will let you know and close the case. In contrast, where we uncover any errors and you choose to pursue a claim, we will give your lender six weeks to respond with an offer to resolve any errors. If your lender is unwilling to offer any resolution, we will instruct our legal team to begin proceeding to recover the value of the claim. As the legal process is outside of our control, we can’t give any time estimations for a resolution should it require our legal team to get involved. But, we are confident that the findings of an audit will persuade your lender to resolve any errors before we get to this stage.

What regulations does Secured Lending Auditing adhere to?

As we deal solely with Limited companies, we are not required to be regulated by the FCA. However, we still operate with mind to how a regulated firm would operate, ensuring high standards are maintained within the business.