When you invest in the growth of your business, it’s vital that the infrastructure you’re developing supports your team and allows you to competently deliver your product or service to your clients. Not only does this affect your peace of mind but can also affect that vital bottom line, down the line.

Throughout this blog, the wonderful Jenna Cooper from Singularitee will delve into three tips for helping you build a sustainable infrastructure when investing in your organisation. This infrastructure can then be scaled in order to give you the foundations for further investment as the organisation grows.

Hardware is where it starts.

One of the most common uses of business finance is investing in hardware to maximise the potential and productivity of the team. For small businesses this might be computer tech, for larger companies this might be computer systems.

If your business works from an office, it’s really key to invest in setting up your own dedicated network and WIFI. This will ensure that you have your own secure space to access your company software and information.

A decent PC setup is much more than deciding whether you’re on Apple or Windows. Think about the tasks that your staff will be carrying out on a regular basis, and then be sure to select a device that will be suitable for those tasks. Do your research. If you end up buying wrong, you buy twice, which is costly! If you do choose Windows over Apple, a Windows 10 professional operating system will ensure you can apply the appropriate security and encryption to your device.

Most of us will buy new shoes when our soles are completely worn out. Your computers wear out too. If you want to ensure your devices run at peak performance, you might want to think about replacing your hardware every 3-5 years. Be sure to add a line for computers in your annual budget.

Software is what keeps you going.

Your software concerns could range from the operating system your network will be running upon, to the productivity tools you and your team need for daily life in the office. Do you know what software might make your employee lives easier? Think about the needs of your business and shop around for the tools and software which will streamline your processes.

Microsoft 365 is a great software option if you are looking to create a virtual office. This is where you and your team can access and share documents remotely, as well as from the office. Having a virtual office means that your team have more flexibility and means that should you need to take a business trip, for example, you can too. It’s a fantastic option for businesses looking to scale.

What keeps you safe?

We’ve all heard it before. When investing your money the last thing you need is for a minor issue to affect the value you get from your investment in IT.

Make sure you are taking steps to mitigate the risk of being hacked or losing data files. There are cyber threats popping up more regularly each week. Hackers become more sophisticated by the minute. Security works best in layers, there is no single bulletproof option out there. Seek guidance from an IT professional, who can advise on what security is best to secure your software and devices

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to create Backup and a Disaster Recovery Plan. Having a backup of your company information stored safely will help you sleep at night! There are some great, cost effective backup options out there.

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